Bruce Odland, sound artist,composer, sonic observer of the visual culture.

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current and upcoming projects:

Sam Auinger with test Balloon in Brugge 2014
"Quiet is the New Loud" a new work by O+A will premiere at the Brugges Triennale, May 20- Oct 18, 2015.  Lighter than air loudspeakers will accompany participants along "songlines" of Mideval architectural spaces, emitting special signals at gps coordinates that awaken the frozen music of the architecture, and make perceivable the special quality of Brugge's exceptional quietude.  Focus TV

Titanium Bell in Stone Silo rings randomly
"Seven Bells for Stone Barns", will  re-open in the spring of 2015 as a permanent sound art installation at the old Rockefeller family farm, Stone Barns.  Commissioned by Caramoor Music Center for the "Garden of Sonic Delights,  5 of the 7 bell installations will be kept long term - a titanium nosecone bell ringing randomly in a 60 foot stone silo tower and bells rung by wind, bees, pigs and sheep. "Seven Bells" was created by Bruce Odland with Bill Ballou.

"Harmonic Bridge" ,O+A, has been beautifully restored at MASSMoCA after running for 15 years. It is now online, streaming 24x7 with a live feed from MASSMoCA. Live Webcam. It is located just outside of the parking lot for the museum, under the Highway 2 Bypass Viaduct in North Adams, MA. video...
"Space is Not the Place" , by O+A, was premiered at festival bonnhoeren 2014. The new performance investigates the role of hearing in reclaiming a sense of “place” in this ever-accelerating world. The newly commissioned lecture/performance extends their long-term artistic research towards a “hearing perspective” with elements of both humor and tragedy.
"Cry Trojans", Wooster Group's version of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cresida, plays at the Singapore International Festival of the Arts, September 18-21 2014. Bruce did the soundscore and music. It will travel to Brussels May, 2014.
"SAVE THE TANK" Kickstarter was as a success! Thank you all. 751 people from 18 countries joined together, 10,000 plays of TANK CHANNEL songs listened to in 83 countries. We will fix the TANK up this summer and let you know how you can visit through our .website. In the mean-time you can listen to our proto-type TANK CHANNEL.

"SAGA" will be performed by the Augustana Choir under the direction of Dr.Paul Nesheim in Souix Falls SD in May 2016. SAGA is an Oratorio for chorus, soloists, hardanger fiddle and organ that traces the history my DNA from the earliest written words of the Norse poetic Edda and the People born of Ice and Fire, to the flat plains of South Dakota. The project was instigated and commissioned by my father, Paul. The Libretto is by Mary-Ann Greanier.  



recent projects


"HEARING VIEW, Rheinau" O+A is now open at the oldest Psychiatric Clinic in Switzerland. The installation creates a field of harmonic sound that responds to the sounds of the surrounding environment, and when activated by the presence of a listener releases sounds from the Rheinau Library, a collection of peaceful regional nature sounds from all four seasons recorded by O+A. (more)


One of my first commissions, "The Sky is Whole and Clear", ca. 1975 was an antiphonal choral work for children's voices based on texts by Lao Tsu. It is being performed again by the marvelous Colorado Children's Chorale.

Sunday, March 9, 2014 — 3 p.m.
Montview Presbyterian Church, 1980 Dahlia Street, Denver (listen)

Hans Richter Documentary  by David Davidson, (Score by Bruce Odland) on the life and times of the seminal Dada artist is on the road. It will have its New York premiere Feb 25th, 2:30 pm, Bruno Walter Auditorium at Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. Tickets available (free) at the box office 1/2 hour before showtime.
"Grasses of a Thousand Colors" Wallace Shawn's most recent play, directed by Andre Gregory, will started previews at the Public Theatre October 7th and will run through November 24, 2013. Music and Sound by Bruce Odland. Tickets, NYTimes Review
"urban space-urban sound" O+A, April 30 5-10pm. For the opening concert of the ACHT BRÜCKE/ Music für Köln festival, Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger resonate the empty subway tunnels beneath with real-time retuned sounds gathered from the city above. The architecture of the urban infrastructure becomes the concert acoustic for the sounds that make a city pulse. With Hannes Ströbl. Curated by Carsten Seifarth. Press.
"HEARING SPACE" Bruce's audio visual love song to the Hudson River Valley will open Jan 17th at the new ArtsWestchester galleries, 31 Mamaroneck Avenue, 9th Floor, White Plains, NY 10601. This The 5 channel audio installation with video clues contains the most intimate nature recordings Bruce has ever made, and a 50 foot scroll of the year long process of creation. It was presented by Peekskill Projects of the HVCCA. Jan 18-Feb 16 2013 <pictures and videos>
2012 Prix Ars Electronica, Digital Music and Sound Art, Honorable Mention was won by "Sonic Vista" by O+A. This live real-time transform of the city soundscape into a harmonic observation area on a bridge across the Main River in Frankfurt Germany was commissioned by the Greenbelt . of the City of Frankfurt for their 20th Anniversary. (Link to Ars Electronica)
"Song of Survival" is for all the brave people who are really living it,Occupying Public Space, Occupying their Lives, their Jobs, their Art. The song is played on an orchestra of instruments I built in the outback of Australia, and is inspired by that landscape and people. Video. - Blog. - Soundcloud.
"Troilus and Cressida" Wooster Group plays the Trojans and Royal Shakespeare Company plays the Greeks in Shakespeare's Trojan War love-crossed epic mashup. Bruce will create a sound score and play the role of Priam, King of Troy. Its part of the World Shakespeare Festival and Olympic Arts, London 2012. Performances in Stratford on Avon August 3-18 and London's Riverside Studios, August 24-Sept 8. (the video blog)
"Sonic Vista" a new resonance installation by O+A links the north and south portions of Frankfurt's Greenbelt for its 20th Anniversary.The whole city can be heard from this sonic observation point on the bridge at the center of the Main river crossing. It opened October 2, 2011 and is part of a larger scale long term study and intervention into the Frankfurt soundscape. (pictures) (soundcloud)
"Wally and Andre Shoot Ibsen" This April I'll be working with film director Jonathan Demme, Wally Shawn and Andre Gregory filming Wally's adaptation of the Master Builder. It is a beautiful version with amazing acting, Wally playing the Masterbuilder, and Andre Directs and plays the old man. I wrote vocal music which weaves througout the production. . NYTimes article.
"Sonic Landscape " In Nov,2011 Bruce did a residency in Australia with Vic McEwan to create a new piece derived from the sounds of the Australian outback- constructing instruments of found objects, making a transmedia journal that details how our senses respond to and define the elusive term "place". It took place at The Cad Factory Rural Residency Program, in a lovely area called Riverina. Here is the Blog. and the soundcloud link.
" my eyes. . . my ears. . . " O+A's take on the "politics of the senses" will be performed at this years Ars Electronica Festival (Sept 3rd 6pm, LENTOS, Linz Austria) A new resonance installation at the Lentos Museum "Linz R2" opens on 1 Sept. Sam Auinger is the featured artist of the Ars Electronica this year.
Soundcloud produced a very interesting video. "We love sound. Hear from sound experts and friends of SoundCloud why sound is so important to the way we connect with the world." (video link) (Bruce's Soundcloud link)
  "THE GREEN ". Bruce was invited by Laurie Anderson to co-direct an extensive sound park at the site of a new Frank Gehry building on the Novartis Campus in Basel Switzerland. It's official opening will be July 7th 2011, with new musical programming by Laurie and Bruce. This 25 channel installation uses ephemeral sounds to alter the sonic identity of Novartis' Campus main plaza.
John Schaefer's broadcast "Requiem for fossil fuels" by O+A on his NEW SOUNDS program on WNYC 93.9 FM. Recorded during a live performance at the World Financial Center November 12, 2010 with Martha Cluver-soprano, Hai-Ting Chinn-mezzo soprano, Geoffrey Silver- tenor, Mark Uhlemann-bass Wall St. Journal Article. Listen to the broadcast.

O+A's Requiem for fossil fuels at the WORLD FINANCIAL CENTER Winter Garden. November 12th at 7pm, free.

with Hai-Ting Chinn, mezzo; Martha Cluver, soprano; Geoffrey Silver, Tenor; Mark Uhlemann, Bass; Sam Auinger playing an 8 channel "Orchestra of Cities" ; Bruce Odland ,conducting.

This performance was part of New Sounds Live, curated by John Schaefer, host and producer of WNYC Radio’s popular shows New Sounds and Soundcheck. Presented by Arts World Financial Center. Wall St. Journal Article.

  O+A performed Requiem for fossil fuels in San Jose's St Joseph Cathedral September 18th,2010 as part of the 01SJ Biennial. The performance consists of an 8 channel "orchestra" of resonances extracted from cities around the world, played live by O+A, and their new setting of the Requiem text for four virtuosic singers. More information.
  O+A will give a keynote talk on July 7th to the Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF)in Turin Italy "Towards a Hearing Perspective" introducing their work to an international audience of scientists and students and encouraging ongoing investigation of why our world has come to sound the way it does.
  "Phyllis and Harold" by Cindy Kleine,chronicles the filmmaker's parents’ disastrous 59 year marriage and addresses the effects of secrecy on the family. Bruce wrote the music. It was held over for 4 weeks at LAEMMLE'S MUSIC HALL in Beverly Hills and LAEMMLE'S FALLBROOK in Encino after being held over 3 weeks in New York at Cinema Village.
  "North Atlantic" Bruce joins the Wooster Group in remounting its Cold War Classic. It will be at the Barishikov Art Center, 450 West 37th Streetin New York City , March 10- April 25, 2010 Tickets
  "Future of Noise" was broadcast on CBS Sunday Nov, 8th with Mo Rocca interviewing O+A. We were in process of gathering materials for our new performance piece "my eyes. . . my ears. . . " Why do we live in a culture where the highest art (Moma Sculpture garden) sounds like any taxi stand? watch

"my eyes. . . my ears. . . " A new performance piece by O+A explores perception, memory and the failure of the 'sonic commons'. Premiered at the Ear to the Earth Festival in NYC October 2009, and was presented April 7,2010 in Montreal April 7th, 2010 sponsored by IRHA, Concordia University, and McGill University.

Commissioned by Ear to the Earth Festival


La Didone, performed by the Wooster Group, Musical Direction and Sound Design by Bruce Odland, was at REDCAT in Los Angeles from June 11-2. It is really a treat for the senses. New York Times Review. LA Times "I heartily recommend it to all fearless theatergoers as part of their annual neural-pathway tuneup."

"Opera but not as we know it" review in the Herald. Variety Review.

  "Grasses of a Thousand Colors", Wally Shawn's new play will premier at the Royal Court, London, May 12- June 13, 09. Directed by Andre Gregory, Music and Sound by Bruce Odland.
  "Harmony in the Age of Noise", 2008,was a cross disciplinary examination of the politics of hearing and seeing using the Tufts University Campus as a living psychoacoustic map. Anthropologist David Guss teams up with Bruce Odland to generate a campus and community wide discourse which will culminate in a sonic intervention on top of the Tisch Library that allows visitors to explore the politics of their senses. With sculptor Mark McNamara and new media artist Michael Luck Schneider. Press and Reviews.

INSA Art Space Seoul, Korea,2007

Hearing Perspective: Think with Your Ears
O+A (Sam Auinger & Bruce Odland)
December 10 - 15. 2007

Odland and Auinger led a week long workshop with artists and students exploring and mapping the Seoul soundscape.


"Hearing Space" five channel sound environment with visual clues at THE STUDIO in Armonk NY, Sept 29- Nov 11 2007. Listening deeply to the world in which we live and finding beauty, music and information in ice, water, wind, weather. A five channel surround DVD with center channel of video which alters the normal ratio's of senses in this medium, foregrounding the ears.

Ltd. Edition boxed set of signed DVD and 25 ft. scroll is available.

Installation Photos ,<1s > ,<2> , <3> , <4>, <5> ,<6>


Requiem for fossil fuels by O+A at Judson Memorial Church, NYC Oct 19-20, 2007. Presented by EMF.

"We now face the passing of our way of life dependent on fossil fuels, and hope to gain insight by examining the sounds of our culture through the lens of the "Requeim Mass".

Performed live by O+A on an 8-channel "Orchestra of Cities" with Martha Cluver-soprano, Hai Ting Chinn- mezzo soprano, John Young-tenor, Joshua South-bass. NY Times article.


"La Didone" an early Venetian Opera (Cavali 1641), with the Wooster Group. I'm the anti- maestro, and we are trying to include both the 17th and 21st centuries simultaneously. It has been seen at festivals in Brussels, Rotterdam, EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL 07 Edinburgh, Scotland Herald review, Luxemburg Festival . It will come to New York and Los Angeles in 2009.

  "The Fever" Wally Shawn is performing his brilliant monologue at The Acorn Theatre, till March 3rd 2007. I made the sonic space which is like being in Wallys Brain, and I highly reccomend going for both personal and political reasons.
  "Good Vibrations" by Bruce Odland and Michael Luck Schneider, for MCA Bella International Artist in Residence Project, at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Sidney, Australia. We used a period 60's trailer to make a mobile installation about perception and memory. We went to 6 schools around Sydney and worked with groups of students with disabilities, who loaded the caravan's memory with images and sounds to be remixed with touch. Here's the blogsite.

"Elevated Harmonies" O+A -the whole range of fossil fueled madness reduced to harmonic intervals in an installation at the Elevated Acre, 55 Water St. NYC. For theEar to the Earth Festival, Oct, 2006.

  "Living Harmonies" O+A (bruce odland and sam auinger) will make an installation which live transforms Stuttgart street sound into harmonic resonances for the World New Music Festival there in July, 06
  Whitney Biennial- DTAOT:COMBINE a 5 channel sound installation is part of the"Dont Trust Anyone over Thirty" installation by Tony Oursler and Dan Graham, based on the much talked about puppet rock opera- its on the 2nd floor on the left in the back room.
  "Thousand Years Waiting" Feb 24-March12 @ PS122, an extraordinary new play by Chior Miyagawa, new score by Odland, "Time Tunnels", puts ancient instruents in the lens of modern technology.
  "Phantom Canyon" an exquisite 10 min animation by Stacey Steers showed at New Directors/New Films at MOMA and Lincoln Center, April 1-2. This is Stacey and Bruce's third film together. It will be at the Sundance Festival January 2007.
  "Bone Songs " Andre Gregory's poetic exploration of his wife Chiquita's death from cancer was performed at the 92nd St. Y May 24th, and I made the aural and musical environment live.

sound installations currently running

  "Harmonic Bridge" by O+A in the collection of MASSMoCA, North Adams, Mass. since 1998 under the Highway2 overpass by the parking lot, this real-time resonance installation converts roadnoise into harmony. video documentation
  "Tonic" in the collection of the City of West Hollywood, California. The SE corner of Santa Monica Bvld, and San Vincente. Operates 24 hours a day.

"Box 3070" by O+A hasbeen collected by a sound park in Neerpelt, Belgium, and will travel to other cities from there. You tube link.


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O+A sound installations of Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger.

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